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Q. Are we allowed to move the machines on our own?

A: This would not be recommended, as moving the machine on your own can nullify the service agreement, and could cost you an additional $165/hour plus the cost of any parts if the machine is damaged due to the move.

Q. How do I enter meter readings?

A: There are three ways you can submit meter readings:

1.  Email the meter readings to us at:

2. Enter them on our website at

3. Fax the meter readings to (908) 964-8473

Where do I find the information for a meter read?

A.Each Copier has different instructions; we need to know the make and model of the copier to answer this question.

Q.What is the "shipping charge" on my invoice

A:The handling charge is the cost incurred for shipping/delivering the supplies ordered for your machine(s)..

Q. How do I get rid of an error code on my copier

A:Try turning off both power buttons for 1-5 minutes, and then turn back on. Also you can try to open and close the front door of the machine and then turn everything off.

Q. . I have lines on my copies only when feeding from the top feeder; how do I get rid of this?

A:Clean the slit glass next to the big glass with window cleaner.

Q. My machine has no power?

(1) Make sure that BOTH power buttons are on.
(2) Make sure that the machine is plugged into the wall.
(3) Make sure the surge protector light is on.
(4) If there is still no power, make sure you are using a good outlet.

Q.Suddenly I can’t print/scan anymore?

A:The IP Address from your desktop may have dropped off. If your IT person set you up with a “Dynamic”, as opposed to a “Static” IP address, you are likely to run into this problem, if and when, your office experiences any outages, or if your copier is shut down. You would need to re-enter your IP Address, and that will likely correct the problem. However, this is a network related issue, and not a function of your copier, and as such is not covered by your service agreement. We will of course come out, should you require our assistance, but this would be treated as a billable event.

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